Summer = enjoying public space as much as possible


Summer in the city always makes me feel a little strange. I think it’s because I grew up in the country, but the only place I want to be in the summer is by a lake or in Riverdale Park.

But, I’m an adult so I can’t just pack up and leave as soon as June hits. In fact, by the time August rolls around, I’m usually trying to do everything I can outside to soak up what remains of this luscious weather!

Summer in the city means hot, hot, hot, which I like – I will not complain about my favourite season. But unless you’re ubering everywhere, chillin’ in your A/C equipped home,  or tanning poolside at your sweet downtown condo – you will be hot. Enjoying summer, for most of us, means utilizing public space and all that Toronto has to offer.

Poolside chillin’ 

I only recently became interested in this because I was running around Riverdale and I stumbled upon a HUGE outdoor swimming pool that was practically vacant.

I knew there was an indoor pool, but in front of me was an oasis. Now, I’ve been to this outdoor pool more times than I can count this summer (lane swimming closes at 8 p.m. so I’m always in a race against the clock.)

Jordan and I had a great Sunday Funday there, because the city equipped it with a little deck/sunning area. And it’s FREE – which makes me so happy I could cry.

Working out in the great outdoors

I use to spend too much money on gym memberships, to only continue to gain weight. The crazy thing is that as soon as I gave up my gym membership and started to work out the waI wanted to, I was finally able to be healthy and confident again.

Whenever I can, I head to a nearby park with my mat and weights, and do the damn thing outside. Maybe I get a few funny looks, but it sure beats paying $75/month for somewhere I hate being or working out inside my hot AF apartment.

And the list goes on. My perspective has changed and I’ve certainly become more embracing of the communal. I think part of this comes with being less-self conscious, and after 6 years in the city I’m learning how nice solidarity is. Is anyone else only happy outdoors, or is that just me?

Moral of the story: Toronto’s resources continue to amaze me and I’m happy to live in a city where I can swim FOR FREE. But we need more of it and making sure people have access to it. A bit of a ramble, but I’m sure you’d expect that by now.

Love always, Rae.



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