9 things that happen in December

I’m easing back into the whole blogging thing, so let’s start with something simple. Here are a few things that happen when the cold hits that I adore and I’m sure I can’t be the only one…

1. Toques 

All kinds of toques. In all of the colours. I’m never washing my hair again.

2. SOUP (!!) is suddenly cool 

I love that as soon as winter starts, my grocery bill goes down by like 40%.  $1 Habitant Minestrone in those big yellow tins and fresh scones from Cobs Bread & I’ll be good until April.

3. Saturdays are now lazy

There is nothing better. I’ve only started this recently. I used to be so caught up in the idea of productivity; making sure I was always moving forward. I didn’t realize I was actually being counter-productive in doing so, but this is material for another blog on another day. I’m happy to take one day a week to do absolutely nothing (thank you, J).

4. Christmas parties all the time 

An excuse to indulge, see the friends I am truly so grateful for, and exchange a few gifts -sounds like the perfect evening to me! The holiday season is in full swing and there are new memories to be made.

5. Holiday treats at the office 

Everyone brings in something. It’s rude if you don’t eat it, right?

6. More time to relax/unwind/ spend with family 

Although many of us are still busy with work and social calendars, at least we know there is a bit of a slow down as we approach the holidays. Almost anything can be blamed on “it’s the holidays.”

I’m so looking forward to spending time with my family and getting a chance to read all of the books I’m (hopefully) getting for Christmas!!

7. Turtlenecks 

I can’t stop buying them #sorrynotsorry.

8. The Toronto Christmas Market 

I’m still a sucker for the market. I think it’s a magical place – where December IS the most wonderful time of the year! Or maybe it’s just the mulled wine…

9. A feeling that change is coming 

New Year’s is just around the corner and it’s got me thinking about what I’ve done in 2016 and what I want to accomplish in 2017. There are many things I need to improve on, but have a good feeling about 2017!

Good things are coming. Sending you all positive vibes!

Love always, Rae,

2 thoughts on “9 things that happen in December

  1. I really like this list! Yeah toques (I have to admit that I didn’t know the word before, so I hade to google it – is it something that Canadians say? I knew beanie and cap or wooden hat, but now – thanks to you, I have something new to add to my vocabulary:)) and soup and Christmas parties! But the last point is one that bothers me every year…too much nostalgia for the dying year and too much feeling somehow wasteful and old:) anyhow, have a pleasant weekend!

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