Weekend in the city

This past weekend, I didn’t escape the city as per usual and go up north to the cottage. I stayed in Toronto and had a BLAST. As a lovely pal would call it, it was a “top 5 weekend” for sure.

It started at Mad Decent Block Party. I’ve been so fortunate this summer to be able to go to many music festivals and see tons of live music! Bestival, NXNE, Osheaga, Mad Decent… it’s been a great summer.

It was my first time at Mad Decent, and I’d totally go back. Such a fun atmosphere, great space to have it, and a pretty fantastic line up. After that, we all just went around to different house parties and got to spend time with the best people. I sometimes forget just how many amazing people live in this city…


Somehow we managed to get to the island Saturday. I LOVE the island. $7 there & back, and you just feel invigorated after a day out there. Granted, I do usually take the wrong ferry, or get the beach names mixed up… but once you’re settled, the city behind you is the farthest thing from your mind. New favourite spot: just west of Gibralter Beach where the break-wall is. Some folks may not appreciate this because the water is probably somewhat stagnant … but it’s so warm! Grab a friends and pack a cooler while the sun is still hot!

island .jpg

Andddd this brings us to Sunday – almost the end of my stay-cation adventure. Sunday, I knocked something of the bucket list: I went to the EX! It was somewhat expensive, but I was so happy to finally get to experience it. It was everything I had ever imagined it to be from reading too much BlogTO… bloomin’ onions, rides that bring your stomach up into your heart, and even mind-readers — obviously a fantastic day.

cne 2

And that was the weekend. What’s your favourite summer activity in Toronto? Comment and let me know!





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