Osheaga 2016

I honestly get all the feels when it comes to Osheaga.


If you’ve never made the 8-hour-but-should-only-be-6-hour drive to Montreal,  cause you know, Toronto traffic… you need to go. Not only is it the birthplace of Osheaga, but it’s a stunning city and offers a much-needed break from the endless hustle and bustle of Toronto.

It’s insane that Canada (where I’ve lived for 22 years & counting) continues to surprise me and there’s still about 70% of the country I need to explore.

Take the east downtown area in Montreal for example. It feels like you’re in a foreign city. Sure, everyone can speak English – but it’s not as if they want to. Since my last visit to the city, I’ve been using the Duelingo app religiously in hopes to finally master French. I wish I knew in public school what I know now about the importance of being bilingual! It’s shocking to me that the culture there can remain that strong, centuries later.

But now that I’ve professed my new-found love for Montreal, I need a moment or two to reflect on Osheaga.

The first time I went to Osheaga was this time last year – with a large group of friends, notably my brother and his girlfriend. When you’re watching live music you love, with a group of people you love… it just creates this crazy feeling, and also crazy memories.

This past weekend I went o the festival with a group of girlfriends and by the end of it, I had such a deeper understanding of each and everyone of those humans – that is what festivals do to a person! Six girls in a one bedroom apartment downtown Montreal was quite the experience and I would do it again in a heartbeat.

I have an image ingrained in my memory that I won’t soon forget, and it’s the featured image of this post. Friends, on a blanket on a hill, under the large bright OSHEAGA sign. Death Cab For Cutie serenading us into a blip in time of high-school romance and heartbreak and nostalgia. Surrounded by some of the best people I know and  watching the sunset behind the stage. I remember thinking “this is happy” over and over again.

All in all, it was a weekend I will never forget. Not trying to wish away what’s left, but I’m already excited for what summer 2017 will bring.

Love always, Rae.


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