How Social Media Got Physical

I’ve worked in social media, communications, and marketing for the past year and a half and have to say it’s been incredibly rewarding.

Agency life is fast-paced, and working at a startup is an experience, to say the least.

I’ll admit I was iffy about it when I first started, only because social media has always been a hobby and passion for me. I wasn’t sure if I wanted something that was so fun, personally, to become work.

I couldn’t have been more wrong. Albeit, all this time working with images, captions, and filters has ¬†certainly changed the way I see the world around me. I see everything in a sort of digital marketing lens that can’t be shut off.

Which is why I’ve started to notice social media emerging in the physical space. As in, social media is effecting physical spaces and the way they are designed in order to increase social media use and photos taken at that given location.

Stores are now aesthetically focused in real-time and have started to design their products to be “insta-worthy.”

Take the cultish ice creamery in Toronto’s entertainment district, Sweet Jesus, for example. Why do you think they have that bright turquoise wall? So people will take snaps of their gigantic, sprinkle-covered-carmel-dripping ice cream cone with a stunning, colourful background. It’s like social media-friendly aesthetics– the wall almost screams “Snap me! Tag me & share with your friends!”

Do you know what else makes great social media posts? Fun, tag-worthy writings on the walls in neon cursive. Toronto’s hottest new spin club, Spokehaus, did this ever so eloquently with these words: “MUSIC IS A SAFE KIND OF HIGH.” And truer words have never been spoken!

What I find interesting in all of this is that the digital space is impacting the real-world in tangible and meaningful ways. I’m curious at how other brands will use this new-found and indirect way to market and create brand awareness. I almost feel like designated selfie stations will surely, eventually, become the norm.

That’s all from me!

Love always, Rae.





One thought on “How Social Media Got Physical

  1. So true – I even find myself posting things to Facebook that wouldn’t post to Instagram because as you said, it just isn’t ‘Insta-worthy’. I always give props to caf√©s / restaurants / bars that have specific calls-to-action around the premises – people may post their pic to Instagram but may not think to checkin, tag or hashtag the business – if the call-to-action is visible somewhere on their table / in their surroundings, the chance of them tagging / hash-tagging goes way up.

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