Soul on fire

Do you ever have those nights when you actually feel like your soul is on fire? A passion so deep has ignited within, and all of your hopes, dreams, and aspirations are just suddenly so clear.

When this happens, write down how you are feeling. Seriously, write it down. Because when your passion or motivation runs dry – it’s when you’ll need to see it the most.

I was recently listening to a favourite podcast, as I usually do on my long bike rides home through East Toronto. Jonathan Milligan (blogger extraordinaire) was telling me, if there is a  passion or dream that you can’t go a day without thinking about, then you need to make time to make this dream a reality.

I thought about my love for writing, and writing for myself, and how much I had been neglecting it in the past while.

Next, Milligan said that only when the pain of not pursuing your passion hurts more than making time in your life for that passion – then that’s when you know it’s time to start putting in the time to achieve your goals.

Something in that line struck lightening into my soul. I love to write – so why, since I obtained that little piece of paper that says I’m actually good at it – have I pushed it to the wayside?

It might be lack of time management, it might be a busy job, or it might just be going out too much with my friends … but I know the real culprit. It’s fear. Fear of what others would think of my thoughts, of my writing ability, of just about anything that’s beyond my control. Even a fear of what former classmates would think.

Yet, I’m proud to say that as I get older and more confident in my abilities, this fear is starting to fade – and this blog is certainly helping. I know I was meant to communicate – but maybe not in the traditional sense that I studied for. But in a way to relate to others, to serve, and to help them.

So, without meaning this to be, I just wrote my first ramble.

I promise they will get better as we go along.

Thanks for reading!!

Love always, Rae.

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